Industrial cleaning equipment: 6 key pieces that pros love

When you hire professionals to clean your facility, they bring a wealth of experience, as well as the latest industrial cleaning equipment.
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Cleaning, usually performed by dedicated staff, is part of the day-to-day of any warehouse or distribution center. But that won’t prevent the build up of grime or spillages that should be dealt with by a professional cleaning company.

Such a provider will use a range of specialist industrial cleaning equipment, including some heavy machinery, as well as chemicals and other powerful substances that should not be handled without proper training.

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While it is possible to have the people in place to undertake such cleaning in-house, the equipment and training involved mean that, unless you are managing a very large operation that would regularly require their use, it is generally preferable to rely on professional assistance.

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What’s included in professional industrial cleaning services? 

An industrial cleaning service is offered to provide your facility — or part of it — with a cleanse that is outside the capacity of daily cleaning.

Professionals are trained and experienced

It uses a range of specialist industrial cleaning equipment to tackle persistent and word in grime, as well as to tackle oils and grease that can be difficult to break down with normal cleaning equipment and products.

A provider of industrial cleaning services will not only have all of the equipment needed to meet your needs, as well as personnel properly trained to use it, but will have a history of experience in the industry meaning they will be prepared for almost any eventuality.

A provider of warehouse cleaning services may also offer other products and services related to warehouse setup and optimization, so it is worth taking that into consideration when seeking out the right company to partner with.

6 key pieces of industrial cleaning equipment 

Professional cleaners will use a range of industrial cleaning equipment, some of which may be in use by in-house teams, while others may be larger or more powerful versions of those in general usage. Some of the most important are highlighted below: 

1) Floor scrubbers 

The floor scrubber machine is an essential industrial cleaning equipment, providing efficient cleaning solutions for large spaces. Floor scrubbers can be manual or automated, and many times will come with HEPA filtration to ensure thorough cleaning while minimizing water consumption. These machines come in various sizes to accommodate different designs, including your warehouse racking layout

2) Sweepers 

This industrial cleaning equipment works alongside floor scrubbers, clearning the space of debris and dust before scrubbing commences. Sweepers can vary in size, and range from large hand-pushed brushes to sit-in vehicles with spinning brush attachments.

3) Industrial vacuums 

Industrial vacuum cleaners are tailored to handle diverse cleaning challenges. From wet spills to dry particles, this piece of industrial cleaning equipment can help clear out even the most hard to reach nook of your warehouse or distribution center. Industrial vacuum cleaners look much like larger versions of their domestic counterparts, with heavy duty wheels and wider hoses.

4) Pressure washers 

Pressure washers use a powerful stream of water to remove tough residues from warehouse surfaces and are a go-to solution for tackling some of the most ground in dirt. Smaller varieties may come with wearable tanks, but for larger-scale and hot water use washers will come as wheeled units.

5) Steam cleaners

Some grease and oil can be so hard to budge that even an industrial hot water pressure washer won’t manage it completely, and in those cases a steam cleaner will often be the solution.

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Steam can clear stubborn grime

Using a stream of extremely hot air, steam cleaners are capable of breaking down the most strubborn grime, however they cannot be used on certain types of surface, such as unsealed or laminate flooring.

6) Special PPE for chemicals 

Anyone operating in the space will likely be using personal protective equipment (PPE) in accordance with local laws, however standard safety gear will not be suficient when it comes to working with some of the chemicals used during industrial cleaning. As such special PPE for use with chemicals is another key piece of industrial cleaning equipment used by professionals.

How to choose industrial cleaning equipment

A big reason for contracting professional cleaning services is the fact that, based on their expertise and knowledge, they will be able to select the most appropriate industrial cleaning equipment for your needs, as well as having the experience to deal with almost any cleaning job.

If doing it yourself, it’s essential to consider the type of material your surfaces are made of. In many cases industrial cleaning equipment will come with different attachments, such as brushes of different sizes and materials, to be paired with the surface being cleaned.

In some cases a particular type of industrial equipment may not be suited to a given surface or area — an example being the use of metalic brushes on concrete floors — which your chosen provider will know to avoid, in order to guarantee no unexpected damage is caused during the cleaning process.

In other cases, installations may be a factor, with warehouse floor marking tape potentially not resistant to some more intense cleaning methods, while the likes of collision barriers can restrict access to vehicles and machinery used during the clean.

Benefits of working with professional cleaners

It’s common for warehouses and logistics centers to periodically contract professional cleaners as a complement to ongoing in-house cleaning operations. That offers a range of key benefits, which include:

  1. Specialized expertise: Industrial cleaning companies employ professionals with specialized training and expertise in cleaning large spaces, handling industrial cleaning equipment, and managing hazardous materials, ensuring thorough and effective cleaning tailored to the unique needs of warehouses and distribution centers.
  2. Enhanced safety: A clean environment reduces the risk of accidents and injuries caused by slips, falls, and exposure to harmful substances. Professional cleaners employ industry-standard techniques and equipment to mitigate safety hazards, promoting a safer workplace for employees and visitors.
  3. Equipment lifespan: Regular cleaning and maintenance by professionals help prevent dirt buildup and corrosion on machinery and equipment, extending their lifespan and reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements.
  4. Regulatory compliance: Warehouses and distribution centers are subject to various regulatory standards regarding cleanliness and safety, such as those established by OSHA in the United States. Contracting professional cleaning services ensures compliance with industry regulations and standards, mitigating the risk of fines, penalties, and legal liabilities.
  5. Equipment supplied: A professional cleaning service will supply all of its own cleaning gear, meaning you do not need to acquire expensive equipment for occasional use, nor worry about keeping it in good working order.
  6. Cost savings: A key benefit of periodically contracting experts is that the costs involved can work out to be better than acquiring your own equipment and having people trained to use it, while a hidden saving is found in the reduced chance of expensive human error that seasoned professionals offer.

Serviap Logistics offers warehouse cleaning services 

At Serviap Logistics, we provide warehouse optimization and setup services in Brazil, Mexico, and the United States.

That includes supplying and installing warehouse signage, racking, collision protection, and floor marking. We also supply labels and offer warehouse inspection and cleaning services. For the latter, we have a wide range of industrial cleaning equipment to make sure you get the bespoke service you need.

During our years of operations, we have developed a reputation for being able to hit tight deadlines without sacrificing quality or safety, and we count some of the biggest and best-known companies in the world among our satisfied clients.

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Serviap Logistics provides warehouse optimization and setup services

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