BPO in Mexico: a great option for rapid, compliant hiring in logistics 

A company offering BPO in Mexico can assume a wide array of operations, with recruitment and other HR functions particularly popular choices.
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For logistics businesses in Mexico that need to quickly boost headcount in a warehouse or distribution center, working with a provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) can be a good option.

A company offering BPO in Mexico can assume a wide array of operational functions, with recruitment a particularly popular choice. That is in part because one key success factor in almost any job market is having a strong understanding of how and where to find the best candidates.

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For companies in the logistics industry, such a service presents a great option for boosting people power during periods of growth or seasonal spikes in demand.

Forklift operators, line pickers, general operatives, supervisors, and administrative personnel are among the many roles that a provider of BPO in Mexico can help you hire, with some providers keeping a directory of specialists that they can tap into in order to bring people on board as soon as possible.

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Understand BPO in Mexico

BPO involves hiring a company that employs experts able to perform specific operational functions or processes within your own company. That can include the likes of accounting, HR, payment processing, IT services, regulatory compliance, and quality assurance.

When it comes to HR services, a provider of BPO in Mexico can assume responsibility for recruitment, including identifying candidates, undertaking interviews, and onboarding selected candidates. The provider can also take on the likes of training and development, and performance management, as well as handling a range of administrative tasks associated with being an employer.

When you hand responsibility for recruitment to a provider of BPO in Mexico, you tap into that provider’s established recruitment network and expert understanding of the local job market, meaning they will be well placed to rapidly identify candidates that meet the requirements of a particular role being filled.

A forklift driver can be hired via a provider of BPO in Mexico. By Elevate on Unsplash.
A provider of BPO in Mexico can help staff warehouses

In some cases, such a provider will keep a database of potential candidates for particular professional areas, meaning they may be able to line up candidates in only the time it takes to verify that those chosen from the database are available or interested.

That can be especially useful for companies that are dealing with seasonal rushes, such as warehouses and logistics centers over the end of year holiday season.

A provider of BPO will also have a keen understanding of the regulatory regime in the country where they are hiring people on your behalf, meaning you can work with them safe in the knowledge that no compliance issues are likely to arise.

Some providers will also specialise in a particular professional area, meaning they will also have a firm grounding in the regulatory regime surrounding workers in that industry and be able to adequately test for any necesary knowledge among candidates.

That can be particularly attractive in heavily regulated industries where considerable dangers have to be mitigated, such as in warehousing and where senior workers must have knowledge of the relevant codes, such as NOM 006 STPS in Mexico, which covers material handling.

5 advantages of using BPO in Mexico

Business process outsourcing in logistics companies is a strategic decision to meet the increase in demand during the end-of-year holidays. If you’re considering this employment solution, take a look at the advantages of BPO services in Mexican warehouses described below: 

Serviap Logistics graphic on the advantages of working with a proivider of BPO in Mexico
Working with a BPO in Mexico comes with many advantages

1) Cost-benefits 

While working with a provider of BPO in Mexico will obviously come at a cost, that will often be mitigated by the savings the provider is able to help you achieve, thanks in part to the speed with which they will be able to fill roles needed to boost the companies productivity.

2) Expert knowledge

Even if you are familiar with the Mexican market or already operating there, a provider of BPO in Mexico will have vast experience of dealing with a wide range of eventualities and will be able to provide invaluable support and guidance. For those unfamiliar with the market but moving into it, this support can be crucial to success. 

3) Rapid hiring

Anyone recruiting for multiple warehouse positions likely needs people in place as soon as possible, which a provider of BPO in Mexico will be well placed to deliver, thanks to their understanding of the market and history of succesful recruitments.

4) Guaranteed compliance

A provider of BPO in Mexico will have expert knowledge of the relevant regulations that an employer must comply with, meaning that you can operate safe in the knowledge that no unexpected legal complications of financial penalties could hit you unexpextedly.

5) Resource allocation

When you hand recruitment and other HR functions to a provider of BPO services in Mexico, knowing that you have seasoned and reliable experts working on that part of the operation frees you up to focus on other more strategic or profit generating aspects of the business.

Some profiles requested through BPO services 

General assistant: responsible for different tasks, depending on the need for extra help in any area of the warehouse or distribution center, from placing, moving, and arranging goods to packing, packaging, loading, and unloading items and materials. 

Forklift operator: forklifts and other vehicles within a logistics company require trained personnel. An operator assists, among other things, in receiving, placing, maintaining, and dispatching loads in the warehouse. They also prepare orders efficiently. 

Operations supervisor: it is necessary to hire supervisors who set clear objectives and monitor other workers in charge. A supervisor ensures that operations within the warehouse or distribution center run smoothly and achieve the expected results. 

Mediation and quality supervisor: among their responsibilities is to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction during the reception, identification, dispatch, and quality assurance of products. They also measure the effectiveness of activities and employee performance.  

Administrative assistant: unlike a general assistant, the administrative helper collaborates in the inventory of goods and controls the availability of the warehouse, loading and unloading, and distribution of goods. They also manage, control, and monitor orders and products in stock.  

Non-inventory manager: non-inventory items must also be managed during high-demand seasons. These items enter a warehouse but are not part of the inventory, such as screws and nails, or those purchased and sold immediately and must be stocked, such as custom-made furniture.  

Security technician: as the flow of goods and people moving through the warehouse increases, it is necessary to hire the services of a security technician to help implement strategies that safeguard employees, take care of the facilities, and keep goods in optimal conditions from their entry into the warehouse to their delivery. 

Loading and unloading personnel: with a higher volume of goods entering and leaving the warehouse or distribution center, it is necessary to hire the services of personnel who are only responsible for unloading and loading products from delivery vehicles. 

Employer of record services and BPO in Mexico

Anyone looking to hire a provider of BPO in Mexico to help them with recruitment may want to consider working with an employer of record (EOR).

An employer of record in Mexico essentially sources and hires personnel on behalf of a client company, so that in the eyes of local authorities the EOR is the official employer. That means the EOR assumes almost all liability related to being an employer.

The EOR oversees the payroll and other administrative responsibilities that an employer must assume, such as complying with regulations on holiday time and statutory bonuses. Meanwhile, the people hired report directly to the client company, acting as if they are in-house employees.

While this service is most often sought out by companies seeking to hire internationally without having to set up a foreign entity, it can also be used in the same country the company is based in.

That is especially attractive for seasonal hiring, because working with an EOR or provider of BPO in Mexico effectively expands your company’s HR capacity for only as long as those personnel are needed. Meaning you don’t have to expand your own HR team to be able to effectively administer seasonal hires, only to cut it down again once the season is over.

Serviap Logistics offers BPO in Mexico 

At Serviap Logistics, we provide warehouse setup and optimization services in Brazil, Mexico, and the United States. Our comprehensive portfolio includes providing and installing racking, collision protection, and signage, as well as supplying labels.

We also offer equipment maintenance and industrial cleaning services, as well as BPO services to assist with recruitment. So if you are looking to team up with a provider of BPO in Mexico to assist you with recruiting, we can help.

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