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Warehouse racking installers can advise on optimal placement and guarantee proper setup of racks, to help you create a more productive and efficient facility.
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Racks are a fundamental piece of infrastructure for many warehouses and distribution centers, used to store products and goods that pass through the facility. Hiring professional warehouse racking installers can therefore be a wise choice that helps make sure racks are optimally placed and properly installed.

A professional can help you meet all the requirements for the proper warehouse rack installation, considering the racks’ structure within the limitations and opportunities of your space. Not only will they be in charge of planning the structure and its correct execution, but also ensuring that the warehouse safety standards are upheld. 

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Leave rack installation to specialists

The choice of shelving will depend on many factors such as layout design, building arrangement, the nature of the stored items, and accessibility requirements, and should be developed carefully. Some problems that may appear without proper rack installation include serious accidents and reduced efficiency.

Warehouse racking installers will bring an integrative vision of your operations, seeing the racking system as an essential component of a complex warehouse setup. This way, you can substantially improve cost-efficiency and operational flow. 

Contact us if you need racking to be supplied or fitted in Brazil, Mexico, or the United States. 

Warehouse racking installers can help meet your needs 

Efficient warehouse racking uses the available space in the most efficient way, which means considering personnel, infrastructure, goods, and machinery in the area of operation. It is critical to get your racking system right and an expert can identify warehouse setup mistakes to avoid, that you may not have thought about. 

These professionals can follow detailed instructions and ensure that all components are accurately aligned, anchored, and secured according to your needs. Warehouse racking installers can make adjustments without compromising the integrity and functionality of the racking system, even when warehouse projects present unexpected challenges. 

For instance, conventional pallet racks are the most common type in a warehouse, because they are practical, and can be easily moved with forklift trucks or even standard pallet jacks. However, warehouse racking installers might suggest very narrow aisle racking when you’re in need of a higher density of storage in restricted areas. 

There are many other options to consider, such as drive-in and drive-through racks, live pallet racking, push-back pallet racking, and double-deep warehouse racking. Learning about and analysing these options in their entirety is time-consuming and for smaller operators it pays to consult warehouse racking installers to save time. 

Warehouse racking installers will help you with safety standards 

Safety is a top priority in a warehouse environment, as falling objects, and rack overload or misuse can result in serious dangers. Warehouse racking installers have a comprehensive understanding of  safety issues related to racking systems and can assist you with specific guidelines according to industry or territory. 

Every country has a different set of norms for racking installations. In the United States, for example, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) demands that the racks are fitted with guards to prevent damage. They also expect that all materials are stacked carefully, without exceeding weight capacities, and that the heaviest loads are arranged at the bottom. 

In Brazil, the Brazilian National Standards Organization (ABNT), via regulation NR11, demands that all stored materials must not obstruct transit, doors, fire extinguishers, lighting systems, and emergency exits. To guarantee these safety measures, the stored goods should be at least 50 centimeters away from the walls. 

Then, in Mexico, warehouse racking installers will help you comply with the Mexican Official Standards, overseen by the Secretary of Work and Social. The NOM-006-STPS-2014 regulation deals with handling and storing materials, as well as occupational health and safety conditions, through detailed safety rules. 

Other benefits of hiring warehouse racking installers 

Warehouse racking installers can offer you different benefits to improve your operations, beyond safety standards compliance. They include cost-efficiency, optimized space, and better warehouse layout design. 

1) Budget control 

A professional plans the storage structures according to the building where they will be located, the goods they will store, and the volume of storage you need. Hiring warehouse racking installers helps you choose the right racking for your business, while also staying on budget, and cutting off unnecessary costs. 

2) Efficient design 

A quick and efficient design is easier when you hire a professional for warehouse rack installation. The expert will consider all kinds of details about storage structures and the conditions of your space, such as pipes and light fixtures, or aisle sizes, that impede racks’ easy layout and assembly. 

3) Space optimization 

Warehouse racking installers will aid you in deciding the best location for your storage structures, their dimensions, and all the features that promote the operational efficiency of your business. Getting professional advice will result in faster and more efficient receipt, storage, and shipping of goods. 

Professional rack installation can upgrade your warehouse setup 

Warehouse racking is an essential element of the warehouse setup, being a part of a broader number of services that are necessary for steady activities. Once in operation, a racking system can be the backbone of a facility, as it involves much more than just setting up shelves. It also includes aspects such as signage, labeling, floor marking, and safety barriers.  

A proper rack installation works well with warehouse signage and labeling systems, making it easier to quickly locate and record items. Rack labeling creates a guiding system for your warehouse and is also one of the most important things businesses can do to maximize efficiency in moving and finding products. 

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Additionally, warehouse racking installers must consider an adequate combination of racks with floor marks, collision protectors, and other equipment that ensure better safety, and productivity. Overall, each operation has specific needs, which a professional will be able to identify and take into account. 

Apart from infrastructure, professional rack installation also makes it easier for personnel to understand the warehouse space, its regulations, functions, and risks. This creates opportunities for better-trained staff, more accurate activities, and reduced possible hazards involving machinery, and staff. 

Serviap Logistics can help you with warehouse rack installation

At Serviap Logistics, we offer warehouse racking installation services in Brazil, Mexico, and the United States, guaranteeing that the highest safety standards are upheld in everything we do.

We also offer warehouse signage, floor marking, collision protectors, and labeling, and we offer project management services to oversee every aspect of a warehouse setup, refit, or relocation.  

We count some of the biggest companies in the world among our valued clients, coming from the likes of the automotive, e-commerce, and wholesale industries, among others.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can assist you.

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