Collision Protectors

With accident-avoidance guards, it protects lives and complies with local standards.

Serviap Logistics Collision Protectors

Collision protectors for warehouse using and distribution centers

Having impact protectors is important to maintain the safety of your employees, merchandise and real estate, reducing the risk of accidents.

Collision protectors serve different purposes, such as:
✔ Protecting people
✔ Protecting assets
✔ Protecting real estate

By having protectors that prevent accidents, you safeguard lives and comply with local regulations.

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Serviap Logistics Collision Protectors

Types of Collision Protectors


✔ Posts
✔ Bollards
✔ Handrails
✔ Column Protector
✔ Wall Protector

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Your collision protectors solution for warehouses.

The installation of anti-collision post plays a very important role in protecting the shelf post.

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