Pallet rack storage: 7 key considerations for an optimized warehouse

Any efforts to optimize a warehouse or distribution center will involve a comprehenisve revision of the choice, use, and placement of pallet rack storage.
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Pallet rack storage is the backbone of many warehouses and distribution centers, so any effort to optimize operations will mean making sure that the right equipment is properly installed and being put to its maximum use.

Whether you are overseeing optimization efforts yourself or working with a professional, identifying and addressing inefficiencies caused by the types of pallets and racks in use, as well as how they fit in with the broader infrastructure setup, will be key to success.

While pallet rack storage mainly refers to the racks and pallets themselves, optimization means understanding how they fit into the workflow, with additional elements of the warehouse — such as collision protection — also being considered and modified.

In the event you choose to seel professional support for your pallet rack storage setup, your chosen provider of warehouse optimization consulting services will also be able to supply and install the new features you agree on.

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Pallet rack storage: 5 crucial aspects to consider 

Optimizing your pallet rack storage will involve the following five key considerations: 

1) Type of racking 

One of your immediate considerations will be if the racking in use is adequate for your needs. A wide variety of storage racks are available, including teardrop racking, deep reach racking, dynamic racking and drive-in racking, to name just a few.

The distinctive shape gives teadrop racking its name

For facilities where space is at a premium or where some goods remain in storage for long periods, the likes of double pallet racks — also known as deep reach racks — can be most suitable. While for facilities where heavy goods flow regularly, dynamic racking can be particularly useful.

2) Types of pallets 

While wooden pallets are traditionally the most common type used in warehouses and distribution centers, nowadays many types of pallets are in use. Deciding which pallets to use will depend on what type of goods they will be storing and the frequency with which they will need to be moved.

Because the different types of pallets — including plastic, metal, and even paper pallets — offer differing levels of durability and transportability, which means that you may find that different types of pallets should be in use in different areas of the facility.

3) Use of safety barriers 

Warehouse safety barriers are a critical part of infrastructure for any space in which heavy goods and vehicles move around. As well as keeping people safe, these barriers also protect goods and equipment, which in turn helps prevent losses and extend the lifespan of the likes of racking.

Safety barriers come in a variety of forms — including guard rails, bollards, column protectors, retractable barriers, and safety gates — and guaranteeing that you have all of the right safety infrastructure in place to keep your racking protected and in service will mean making sure you choose and place barriers correctly.

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Safety barriers help protect pallet rack storage

4) Quality of installation 

Correctly assembled and installed racking not only functions better, but also keeps the space safer, which is why many logistics managers choose to work with an installation specialist. A seasoned installer will also be well-placed to overcome any unexpected issues that arise during intsallation, based on past experience.

Another major advantage of professional installation is the fact that the same provider can subsequently be used for ongoing inspection, which should be carried out periodically and is another important consideration.

5) Inspections and maintenance 

Regular warehouse racking inspection and maintenance is necessary to keep the equipment in npremium condition and prolongue its lifespan. In some jurisdictions, regular inspection and maintenance will be a legal requirement, but even when that is not the case, it should be done.

When you work with a professional racking installer, that provider will usually also offer inspection and maintenance services, which could be included as an ongoing part of an installation service, or could be contracted on an ad hoc basis.

Chosing a provider to optimize pallet rack storage

Choosing the right provider to optimize your pallet rack storage will depend on where you are located and what your needs are. In the event you are setting up a very specialized facility, you may need to seek out a provider with the requisite knowledge to help you.

Otherwise, you will likely want to find a provider that serves your area and has a documented history of satisfied clients. A good way to identify them is through nline reviews, however it is worth seeking them from different sources, to avoid being mislead.

Professional racking installers will also often be experts at installing other warehouse elements, including protection barriers and floor marking. So if you are installing racking as part of setup or relocation project, they may also be able to offer a more comprehensive package of installation services.

Ultimately, when you contract professional installers, you guarantee that your operations meet all regulations, such as those set out by OSHA in the United States. Meaning you need to be concerned about unexpected compliance issues arising during inspections from authorities.

Serviap Logistics installs warehouse racking 

At Serviap Logistics, we supply and install racking in Brazil, Mexcio, and the United States, as part of a broader porfolio of wearehouse optimization and setup services.

That portfolio also includes supplying and installing signage, collision barriers and floor marking. We also supply labels and offer maintenance and industrial cleaning services.  

Our ability to hit tight deadlines without sacrificing safety or quality has seen us emerge as the trusted warehouse setup partner of some of the biggest and best known companies in the world. So if you are interested in optimizing your pallet rack storage, we can help.

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Serviap Logistics offers warehouse optimization and setup services

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