7 types of warehouse signage to quickly improve your ops

Well-displayed warehouse signage is a critical element of any warehouse setup, guiding people around the facility, as well as helping to keep the space well organized and safe.
Serviap Logistics 7 types of warehouse signage to quickly improve your ops

Well-displayed warehouse signage is a critical element of any warehouse setup, guiding people around the facility, as well as helping to keep the space well organized and safe.

A range of different types of different warehouse signage is available, the use of which will depending on the type of operation you are running.

Below, seven types of warehouse signage are highlighted that you may want to consider installing in order to optimize your business.

At Serviap Logistics we operate in Brazil, Mexico and the United States, providing and installing warehouse signage, among a range of other services that also include providing and installing racking, floor marking, and collision barriers, among others.

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7 important types of warehouse signage

1) Aisle signage

Aisle signage is important to keeping the area well organized, providing a guide to people so that they know exactly where items on racks are located.

A photo of aisle signage to accompany article on warehouse signage
Aisle signage

This type of warehouse signage plays an important part in allowing line pickers to do their job effectively, often being based around a numbered or alphabetized system.

It can also be installed so that particular items or types of goods that are stored in the area are specifically highlighted.

Aisle signage can come in a standardized format or can be designed and tailored to the needs of the warehouse, in the case that a basic numbering or lettering system will not fit the purpose.

2) Warehouse signage: dock door signs

Most warehouses will have goods regularly flowing in and out, usually arriving and leaving via big trucks, meaning that a common feature of most warehouses is dock doors for loading and unloading.

A photo of dock door signs to accompany article on warehouse signage
Dock door signs

As such another important type of warehouse signage is dock door signs, which are critical to keeping that flow of goods as well-organized as possible.

Because not only will it help guide truck drivers to the correct door, but it will also allow good to be gathered close to the relevant dock door, in order to be loaded as soon as the truck is in place and empty.

As such, dock door signs play a crucial role in facilitating efficiency in any warehouse.

3) Warehouse safety signs

One of the paramount concerns of any warehouse setup and operation is safety, which is as much about reducing risks faced by people moving around in the space as it is about keeping operations running smoothly and preventing the business from facing legal issues due to worker injuries.

A photo of an emergency exit sign as an example of warehouse safety signs
An emergency exit sign

Warehouse safety signs are an essential part of efforts to create a safe working environment, being used to clearly mark hazards, as well as the likes of emergency and fire exits.

This type of warehouse signage can come in many forms, but is almost always brightly colored, so that it cannot escape the attention of people in the area.

Warehouse safety signs can include:

  • Emergency exit signs
  • Signs indicating the location of fire extinguishers
  • Signs indicating the location of first aid and other medical equipment
  • Hazard signs
  • Authorized personnel only signs
  • Signs indicating assembly areas in case of an emergency

4) Warehouse signage: load capacity signs

Load capacity signs are a fundamental addition to any warehouse signage system in a facility where racking or other equipment has to sustain heavy loads.

A photo of a load capacity sign to accompany article on warehouse signage
A load capacity sign

As the name suggest, load capacity signs clearly state how much weight something can be laden with without being damaged or having its structural integrity placed at risk.

As such, this type of warehouse signage is critical to avoiding potential accidents from falling objects and failing equipment, as well as preventing the business from sustaining unnecessary costs.

Load capacity signs will usually be brightly colored, placed where they are easily seen, and include a “maximum supported weight” on them.

5) Hanging warehouse signs

Hanging warehouse signs are usually slung from the ceiling of the warehouse on heavy duty chains to prevent them falling and are used for a wide variety of purposes.

A photo of haning warehouse signage
A hanging warehouse sign

That can include indicating which goods are kept on a particular aisle, making them a potential alternative or complement to the aisle signage discussed above.

It can also include marking larger or more general zones in the space, such as where returned goods, or goods set for loading should be kept.

The adaptability and easy visibility of hanging signs means they are a common and often important part of the warehouse signage system.

6) Warehouse barcode signs

Barcodes are used throughout many warehouses to easily keep track of inventory, with barcodes quickly scanned on handheld devices, which can then rapidly upload data onto computers.

A photo of barcoded signs to accompany article on warehouse signage
Barcoded warehouse signage

While barcodes are places in a variety of locations, including on racking, at the end of aisles, or on goods themselves, they can also be added to signs for added accessibility and visibility.

Note that a popular alternative to traditional barcodes is QR codes, which have grown in usage owing to the fact they can more easily be read from any direction, as well as being able to store more information.

However, whether you are using QR codes or barcodes, the principal of attaching them to signs is the same, making this another type of warehouse signage that you may want to install.

7) Signage with a logo

When used inside, warehouse signage with a logo is less for practical or operational purposes and more for reinforcing the company image and contributing to the ambience of the space.

An example of what a warehouse sign with a logo can look like
An example of what a logo sign can look like

Such signage can also be used on the outside of the building so that first-time arrivals and passersby are easily able to identify the company.

That can be important to reinforcing the image of the business in eyes of the local community, just is it can be good for promoting the image among workers when used inside.

It is worth keeping in mind that should you be planning to undertake a rebranding, this type of warehouse signage will need to be replaced.

Serviap Logistics provides and installs warehouse signage

At Serviap Logistics, we provide and install warehouse signage to help our clients bring the greatest levels of safety and organization to their facilities.

Warehouse signage is just one of a range of goods and features that we offer, along with racking, collision protection, labels, and floor marking. For warehouse setup, refits, and relocations, we also offer project management.

We have a presence in Brazil, Mexico, and the United States, and we count some of the world’s biggest companies among our satisfied clients and partners. Our clients come from a wide range of sectors, including automotive, e-commerce, and wholesale, among others.

We are committed to service excellence and adhere to the highest safety standards wherever we work, including being OSHA certified in the United States.

If you want to have warehouse operations you can be proud of, contact us today to find out more about how we can assist you.

Serviap Logistics offers a range of warehouse setup services

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