Storage labels in Mexico: some critical considerations

As in most countries, storage labels in Mexico must meet specific requirements according to local regulations.
Storage labels in Mexico are a key thing to get right. Photo by Carlos Aranda on Unsplash.

Storage labels in Mexico, used mainly in warehouses and distribution centers, facilitate the registration and quick location of goods and materials that enter and leave these logistics businesses. 

According to NOM 006 STPS, the Mexican safety standard for the material handling and storage, a label is “the set of written and graphic elements relating to the information on a hazardous chemical substance or mixture, which may be marked, printed, painted, or attached to the containers or mobile containers of such chemicals.” 

Thus, labels are indispensable cogs in the logistics system as they help keep warehouses and distribution centers organized, so they must be carefully designed, contain clear information, be made of durable materials, and be standardized, among other characteristics mentioned below. 

It is also necessary to consider that storage labels in Mexico can be of various types depending on their placement, such as in aisles, shelves, goods, and even on the floor. In addition, they can be classified by type, as some are removable, permanent, or designed for specific purposes as refrigeration. 

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Storage labels in Mexico: general considerations 

In any warehouse or distribution center, labels are indispensable elements to operate without complications, offering specific information about the products circulating through these businesses. So, to choose the storage labels in Mexico that best suit your project, consider that there are different materials, the information you include must be consistent, and planning them can help you save time and money. 

Serviap Logistics graphic on the considerations for storage labels in Mexico.
There’s a lot to consider, but storage labels in Mexico are important to get right

1) Planning 

As in any project for your warehouse or distribution center, planning is vital for a successful business and saving time and money. Therefore, it is essential to be clear from the beginning about the type of storage labels in Mexico that you will need. 

To choose the best labeling, seek an expert’s advice to help you plan them. These small visual markings should correspond with the warehouse’s signage system, which guides people through the facility and helps keep the space well-organized and safe. 

2) Consistency  

Whether you choose alphanumeric or QR codes to identify products, lots, aisles, and other areas within your warehouse, they must be consistent across all the labels you use. While you may use different materials for certain zones, like refrigerated areas, the visuals should be as standardized as possible. 

The design, font type for letters and numbers, size, color, and even shape should also be uniform. Homogeneous labels make it easier for employees to locate and handle goods and make warehouse operations more efficient. 

3) Materials 

Storage labels in Mexico can be made of various materials with different finishes, shapes, and colors. The correct ones for your operation will depend on your needs and budget and you must remember the level of usage and/or conditions they will have to endure.  

The most common materials for storage labels in Mexico are paper, cardboard, metal, or plastic. The ones you prefer should be based on their durability, that they are easy to print and read by scanners, can be cleaned, and are resistant to peeling. 

Storage labels in Mexico by placement 

1) Aisles  

Storage labels in Mexico can be placed in the aisles at a prudent height where they facilitate and expedite employees’ work, who will not have to waste time finding out what goods are in that area of the warehouse.  

2) Shelves 

To have even more organized workspaces, it is necessary to combine aisle labels with shelves labels, which help to confirm which products are being stored.   

3) Floors  

Storage labels in Mexico are found all over the facility. Photo by Rohit Tandon on Unsplash
Storage labels in Mexico are found all over a facility

Floor labeling helps to improve the circulation of both pedestrians and machinery. Because they are constantly walked on, these storage labels in Mexico should be made of sturdy materials and of a size that allows them to be seen without problems. 

4) Individual products 

You can also opt for individual labels. As the name implies, they are placed on each product and provide more detailed information, such as production date or country of origin, unlike the other tags. 

Storage labels in Mexico by type 

1) Removable 

Storage labels in Mexico can also be identified by their type. Removable adhesive labels, for example, are easy to stick on and off. There are also labels placed in plastic or aluminum label holders, which are durable, flexible, reusable, and, thanks to their magnets, can be placed in other aisles or shelves. 

2) Permanent 

Permanent labels tend to be the most durable but must also be placed more carefully due to their limited use. Once in place, they adhere firmly to the surface; removing them could damage or deteriorate that area. There are also permanent metallic labels that, while more expensive, are extremely durable.  

3) Retroreflective 

Retroreflective labeling glows brightly when in contact with light, allowing it to be read by scanners from a distance, such as when labels are placed on double-height shelving or mezzanines.  

4) Special labels 

Storage labels in Mexico can also have particular use, such as those placed in cold rooms to identify perishable products and the shelves that hold them. Similarly, there are outdoor labels, which must be highly resistant and durable to withstand inclement weather. 

Serviap Logistics provides storage labels for warehouses and distribution centers

At Serviap Logistics, we supply storage labels in Mexico, Brazil, and the United States, according to your needs and in compliance with local regulations.

Wherever we work, we do so under the strictest safety standards, such as those established by the OSHA in the United States, the ABNT in Brazil, and the STPS in Mexico.  

We also offer a range of other services, including signage, floor marking, collision protection, and project management to oversee a warehouse setup, refit, or relocation from start to finish.  

Thanks to the quality of our service and ability to work to tight deadlines, we count some of the biggest and best-known companies in the world among our satisfied customers, covering a range of industries, including automotive, e-commerce and wholesale, among others.  

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you.

Serviap Logistics provides warehouse setup services in Brazil, Mexico and the United States

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