Floor Marking

Floor marking in warehouses serves different purposes, among them delimiting
✔ Transit zones
✔ Workspaces
✔ Warehousing of goods

Serviap Logistics Floor Marking

Type of Floor Marking for your warehouse

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to mark your warehouse floors, then using floor tape provides the best option. It is also easier to modify floor markings if you use tape. However, if you do not foresee any floor marking changes and want a permanent and maintenance-free solution, the colored epoxy floor markings are your best bet.

Epoxy floor marking

Store your products in an efficient and organized way.

Tape floor marking

Store your products in an efficient and organized way.

Are You in Need of Warehouse Floor Marking?

Operating in a warehouse that’s compliant recommendations is crucial for avoiding the steep fines and other consequences you may face.

When marking your warehouse floors, you need a set of professionals who understand the requirements.

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Serviap Logistics Floor Marking