What is industrial cleaning and when does your warehouse need it? 

Periodic industrial cleaning helps keep a warehouse or distribution center efficient, safe, and fully compliant.
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Periodic industrial cleaning of a warehouse or distribution center is essential to maintaining efficiency and safety at a facility. But what is industrial cleaning exactly and how often does it need to be done? 

In warehousing, industrial cleaning usually involves heavy machinery and products to clean hazardous areas, spills or built-up dirt and debris. The job of an industrial cleaner is to apply the correct equipment and tools for each case they face, ensuring proper sanitation, organization, and safety. 

In addition to in-house cleaning, professional cleaners are ready to provide specific services, with specialized training and time-saving practices. They can deal with serious issues in a warehouse that the staff may not be prepared to solve, so it’s important to know what is industrial cleaning commonly used for. 

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What is industrial cleaning? Benefits and considerations 

There are three key elements for industrial cleaning. The most common one is cleaning floors. Such surfaces are more likely to receive friction and accumulate the most dirt. Furthermore, professionals also take care of cleaning infrastructure and warehouse equipment.  

A clean facility can operate at full potential

By the end, they’ll be prepared to correctly manage packaging and waste, controlling the scraps output during and after the service. 

Many industries rely on industrial cleaning, from factories, to warehouses, to hospitals. The nature of the business may require extra caution, as misusing tools or dangerous substances can damage property and goods, or even result in injuries to employees. 

Bringing in outside specialists for industrial cleaning proves to be an excellent choice for those seeking long-term advantages. Their expertise guarantees an upgraded cleaning procedure, safeguarding your warehouse. They not only assure thorough cleaning and upkeep but also extend the lifespan of assets like warehouse floor marking tape or racking structures. 

Furthermore, cleaning professionals ensure compliance with local regulations, including those set by institutions like OSHA in the United States. Industrial cleaning contributes to maintaining organized processes and staff safety protocols.  

Also, it plays a crucial role in adhering to customer and product regulations by ensuring that your goods remain clean and uncontaminated until they are dispatched. 

6 key examples of industrial cleaning 

Professional maintenance can be applied to a variety of needs. For anyone what industrial cleaning actually entails, some common examples include: 

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If you’re wondering what is industrial cleaning, this will give you some ideas

1) Pressure washing 

It’s the process of using high-pressure water to remove dirt, grime, grease, and other contaminants from surfaces in an industrial setting. This method is highly effective in cleaning large and heavily soiled areas, making it a popular choice for a wide range of warehouses. Pressure washing is commonly used to clean warehouse floor line painting, as it can successfully remove paint, including epoxy. 

2) Mold removal 

Industrial cleaners must properly identify, contain, and eliminate mold growth around a warehouse setting to avoid health risks, especially in food and cold storage. It involves assessing areas of moisture intrusion, air filtration, dehumidification, and, also, the correct disposal of mold-contaminated materials. 

3) Decontamination 

In many warehouses and distribution centers, dangerous chemical spills are an ever-present risk, notably in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. You can count on an industrial cleaning company for professional decontamination services to make your workspace safe, preventing hazards and risks for your staff. 

4) Lead removal 

This uses chemical products to breakdown coats of surfaces containing lead or lead derivatives, which can pose a treath to your staff’s health. Professionals who perform lead abatement must have specific certificates for such practices, so that the risk of lead poisoning is fully removed, beyond simply the visual surface. 

5) Asbestos removal 

Asbestos is a hazardous material known to cause serious health issues when its fibers are inhaled. Older industrial warehouses may still contain asbestos-containing materials. The cleaning process involves registering the location and its conditions, using wet methods to minimize dust, and then applying safe removal techniques. 

6) Industrial vacuuming 

Warehouse floors and corners can accumulate chemicals, spills, debris, dirt and more. Many times, standard janitorial services cannot remove some substances. Power vacuuming with by industrial cleaners is the only way to remove certain substances from your equipment, walls and flooring. There are many types of industrial vacuum cleaners to handle different contaminants, and an expert will know which to use. 

When and what is industrial cleaning suggested for? 

The regularity of industrial cleaning in a warehouse will depend on the size and density of operations as well, so there is no standard right or wrong amount of cleaning. However, there are some critical moments that always require professional assistance. Whenever you go through one of them, it’s advisable to schedule a cleaning visit beforehand. 

The first point for industrial cleaning in a warehouse usually happens right after the construction of the facility, or post-installation of new equipment and infrastructure. It will ensure that the space is fit for use and requires specific machinery to collect debris and properly clean out construction or renovation materials.  

Floor being wiped to illustrate what is industrial cleaning. By Toon Lambrechts on Unsplash.
What is industrial cleaning?

Another case is when warehouse facilities need relocation. Before or after moving, industrial cleaning services may be required, so that workers can disinfect and organize areas where you’ll be settling in, or leave your older warehouse space clean and ready for the next tenant. This avoids any maintenance fees and helps you finish a rental agreement smoothly. 

You may also need specific services for post-accident cleaning. This includes the sanitary assistance needed if you ever have to deal with work accidents, such as collisions or fire, but also environmental calamities such as lightning damage or flooding. It’s vital to use specialized equipment on such occasions so that you prevent even greater damage. 

Serviap Logistics offers warehouse cleaning services 

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