Warehouse rack installation – 6 reasons to hire quality professionals in the US, Brazil and Mexico

Warehouse rack installation is an important part of setting up a new facility, and one that a professional can help guarantee is done properly. 
Serviap Logistics Warehouse rack installation

Warehouse rack installation is an important part of setting up a new facility, and one that a professional can help guarantee is done properly. 

Warehouse racks are a fundamental part of a complex system that includes the proper layout and distribution of space. In addition, their design will vary depending on the structure of the building, the type of goods they store, and the access to them. 

While some of these storage structures may be simple in design, others are more complex and include moving parts. In all cases, it is recommended to hire a professional for a warehouse rack installation to ensure that they are placed correctly and function as planned. 

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A primary consideration during a warehouse rack installation is safety. Every territory has a different regulatory body and standards. In the United States, for example, there is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

OSHA certifies those warehouses that meet a wide range of guidelines and have systems and processes in place to make the space as safe as possible for those who use it. 

Among other points, OSHA certification ensures that racks are fitted with guards to prevent damage from forklift contact, that all materials are stacked carefully and do not exceed the load capacities, and that the shelves are arranged for the heaviest loads at the bottom. 

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In Brazil, meanwhile, there is the Brazilian National Standards Organization (ABNT) to check working regulations among other items. Specifically, regulation NR11 dictates the guidelines to be followed in the transportation, movement, storage, and handling of materials.  

Under this standard, warehouse rack installation must ensure that stored materials do not obstruct traffic, or block doors, fire extinguishers, lighting systems, and emergency exits. Additionally, the stored materials must be at least 50 centimeters away from the walls of the building structure. 

In Mexico, the Secretary of Work and Social Foresight oversees safety regulations, known as the Mexican Official Standards. In terms of warehouse rack installation, NOM-006-STPS-2014 deals with handling and storing materials and occupational health and safety conditions.  

At Serviap Logistics, we offer warehouse rack installation in Brazil, Mexico, and the United States, among a range of other warehouse setup services. Contact us to find out more. 

Rack installation assembled by experts

Warehouse rack installation – racking options to consider 

Different warehouse racking options exist, but the most popular, least expensive, and most accessible to install are conventional pallet racks, known for holding heavy goods and being used in narrow aisles. 

You can also choose very narrow aisle racks in warehouse rack installation, perfect for tight spaces and high-density storage. However, specially designed forklifts are required to access these structures. These suit distribution centers where there is limited movement in storage areas. 

Alternatively, there is drive-in and drive-through racking, which allows forklift vehicles to enter and pass through. In this storage system, pallets can be stacked both deep and high. It will require solid training and rigid adherence to safety guidelines. 

Warehouse rack installation can also consider dynamic pallet racking, which uses a FIFO (first in, first out) system to accommodate pallets, as well as support rollers and an inclined design so that goods can roll straight through from loading to the site where they will be picked. 

Benefits of contracting professionals for warehouse rack installation 

Before and during the warehouse rack installation, it is necessary to consider certain factors, such as the design, location, and structure of the racks. Also, these structures must have the correct size and caliber to support the weight distribution of the merchandise. 

To meet these and all the requirements for the proper warehouse rack installation, it is best to hire an expert since they will not only be in charge of planning the structure and executing it but also of complying with the safety regulations in the workplace of each territory. 

Below, some benefits of hiring professionals for warehouse rack installation: 

Project planning 

Planning is vital to a successful warehouse rack installation. A professional will help you plan the design of these types of storage structures according to the building where they will be located, the goods they will store, and the volume of storage you need.  

When hiring professionals dedicated to warehouse rack installation, the best thing to do is to tell them everything you need from the beginning and then listen carefully to their suggestions.  

In planning, you should consider where the receiving and shipping of goods will take place, as well as the preparation areas, offices, and cafeteria, and how to access the racks. 

The benefits of correct warehouse rack installation

Establishment of a budget 

In the warehouse rack installation, as in any other project related to your business, it is necessary to determine a budget, including the design of these structures, installation, and maintenance. Remember: to operate efficiently, regular warehouse racking inspection will be necessary.   

Over time, cheap things become problems that could result in unexpected costs. That’s why hiring a professional for warehouse rack installation will help you choose the right racking your business requires and to stay on budget. 

If you need a specialized storage solution such as refrigeration, be prepared to spend more. Either way, hiring an expert will help you anticipate and manage this and all other expenses involved in a warehouse rack installation. 

Efficient design according to your needs 

Warehouses are more than just huge empty halls for storing goods and merchandise. They also have columns and other structural obstructions, such as pipes and light fixtures, that impede racks’ easy layout and assembly.  

A quick and efficient design of these storage structures according to your needs but also the conditions of the space is easier when you hire a professional for warehouse rack installation.  

The warehouse racking installation expert will consider all these details, making the operation inside the warehouse efficient and safe, and allowing the smooth movement of goods. 

Improve warehouse organization 

The racking solutions you choose for your business will be vital to the organization of the entire warehouse. The best one will depend on the operation’s nature and the products’ size and volume.  

When you hire a professional for warehouse rack installation, they will take care of not only the design and assembly of shelves but also the labeling, which makes it easier to find a product quickly. 

A tip from experts regarding warehouse rack installation is to opt for long rows instead of short ones since this type of shelving organization helps to make better use of space. 

Space optimization 

The correct warehouse rack installation will help optimize the space within the building and, consequently, maximize storage capacity and the flow of goods.  

When you hire a warehouse rack installation expert, they will help you decide the best location for your storage structures, their dimensions, and all those features that promote the operational efficiency of your business.  

Getting professional advice to find the best way to optimize warehouse space will result in faster and more efficient receipt, storage, and shipping of goods. 

Creating safe workspaces 

When a professional handles the warehouse rack installation, it ensures that the racking will be installed correctly and follow safety standards. In this way, you will prevent collapses or worker accidents, which are usually very dangerous. 

Usually, these storage structures are built with rigid materials that can cause severe injuries if they fall on someone, so leaving the warehouse rack installation in the hands of an expert will be crucial to preserving a risk-free environment.  

As work equipment, warehouse racks must have certain specific regulatory characteristics, such as material, location, storage capacity, and dimensions, so they do not obstruct aisles or the constant flow of goods. 

Serviap Logistics offers warehouse rack installation  

At Serviap Logistics, we can help you with warehouse rack installation in the US, Brazil, and Mexico.   

We offer warehouse signage, labeling, warehouse floor marking, and collision protection services to keep your warehouse operating efficiently and risk-free. And we also provide project management services to drive your warehouse’s installation, renovation, or relocation from start to finish. 

Some of the world’s largest companies have trusted us, so we have satisfied customers in various industries, including automotive, e-commerce, and wholesale. 

We are a family business with roots in Mexico, but we have grown internationally to offer service excellence and personalized attention to our customers beyond our borders.  

Contact us for more information on how we can help you with warehouse rack installation or any other of our services.

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