Labels in Shelf

Minimizes time between production and distribution and improves accuracy.

Serviap Logistics Labels in Shelf warehouse

The importance of warehouse organization

A well-organized warehouse is essential for efficient operations. When everything has its designated place, warehouse staff can quickly and easily find what they need without wasting time searching

Why Is labels in shelf Important?

Warehouse labeling is an important part of warehouse organization. Labels provide a visual indicator of where items are located, what they contain, and who they belong to. They’re also helpful for identifying hazardous materials and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Shelf labels can be designed in different colors, sizes and typography.

We can support you with the design, printing and placement of these.

The label material is important to prevent the ink from rubbing off over time and losing the information on the label.

Serviap Logistics Labels in Shelf
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Our goal is to provide our customers with Warehouse / Distribution Center services with global quality but customized to their local needs.

At Serviap Logistics

We are specialists in the design, elaboration and installation of labels.

We have trained personnel, modern equipment and a quality control process to ensure that your projects are carried out on time.