Signage for warehouses and storage facilities in Mexico 

Proper signage for warehouses and storage facilities in Mexico is indispensable, helping to keep the space organized, safe, and keeping risks minimized. 
Warehouse signage in Mexico is an important thing to get right

Signage for warehouses and storage facilities in Mexico is indispensable in these businesses, as it guides personnel through the facilities and helps to keep the space organized, safe, and with the fewest possible risks. 

This combination of colors, shapes, lights, and sounds is intended to give workers indications inside and at the entrances and exits. Thus, personnel know where things in and can follow the operating procedure of the facility. It’s something that needs to be decided at the start of your Mexican warehouse setup.

A forklift in a storage facility with warehouse signage clearly visible.
Signage is critical to a smooth-running warehouse

Proper signage helps, for example, to be aware of falling goods and the transit of vehicles, locate items quickly, identify the load capacities of racks and find protective equipment in the event of an emergency. Even without considering danger, proper signs allow the warehouse to operate efficiently. 

Signage for warehouses and storage facilities in Mexico is part of the civil protection signage system that applies to all buildings, establishments, and spaces in the public, social and private sectors and is regulated by the Official Mexican Standard NOM-003-SEGOB-2011

For the operation of your storage or distribution business without complications, this article tells you the types of signage for warehouses in Mexico. In addition, it emphasizes the safety signs you must consider to minimize any risk and safeguard your workers, now that increasing number of overseas companies are looking for an employer of record in Mexico.

If you are interested in signage for warehouses in Mexico, Brazil, and the United States, contact us for more information. 

Types of signage for warehouses and storage facilities in Mexico 

Signage for warehouses and storage facilities in Mexico must meet a series of color, shape, and design parameters. The intention is that they must comply with local safety and operational regulations and be understandable and easy to follow. 

These signs are usually made of highly durable materials and photoluminescent pigments. Also, they should be placed at the correct height and in areas of good visibility, avoiding any object that obstructs their view. 

Serviap Logistics graphic showing the different types of signage for warehouses in Mexico
Serviap Logistics supplies and intsalls signage in Mexico

These are the types of signage for warehouses and storage facilities in Mexico that are necessary for a storage business: 

Aisle signage  

One of the types of signage for warehouses and storage facilities in Mexico is the aisle sign. Its principal function is to keep critical areas of the storage business well organized, as it provides a guide to personnel so that they know exactly on which rack a lot or item will be located.  

Aisle signage can be standardized and based on a numbered or alphabetized system. Still, it can also be designed and adapted to the needs of the warehouse. Whatever its format, its intention is to facilitate the work of order pickers. 

Dock doors signage  

In warehouses, depots, and distribution centers, goods come in and out regularly. They arrive in large cargo trucks and depart in delivery vehicles, so drivers and facility operators need to know in advance where they need to go.  

Dock signage provides this information, so it should be attached to entrances and exits with screws, stickers, or even magnets. As it will be used by outside employees such as delivery drivers, it must be clear and standardized. Proper placement helps keep the flow of goods efficient and workers safe. 

Racks signage  

Labeling racks indicate which items or lots they contain. In addition, the load capacity of this storage equipment is also marked, an indispensable addition to any warehouse signage system.  This means anyone using the rack will be aware of the correct way to use it.

Marking the load capacity helps operators know how much weight a rack can support without damaging or jeopardizing its structural integrity. Thus, this signage helps avoid possible collisions that put the merchandise at risk and everyone around it. 

Hanging signage  

Signage for warehouses and storage facilities in Mexico also includes hanging signs, which are usually attached to the establishment’s ceiling with heavy-duty chains to prevent them from falling. These are typically found in areas where racking is absent or limited.  

Hanging signage can be a complement or an alternative to aisle signage, as it can indicate which products can be found or if it is an area for returned merchandise or goods ready to leave the storage facility. It also commonly signals pathways within the warehouse.

Signage with a logo 

More than a practical purpose, logo signage for warehouses and storage facilities in Mexico is intended to reinforce the company’s image, whether inside or outside the facility. This is essentially free advertising, but is also useful for building pride in the company.

Logo signage can be suspended from the establishment’s ceiling, fixed to the walls, or attached to doors and windows. The important thing is that it is visible and does not interfere with any other more critical signage for warehouses in Mexico. 

Signage for warehouses in Mexico: safety measures 

Apart from the signage for warehouses and storage facilities in Mexico related to the flow of goods and the general operation of these establishments, it is necessary to know the safety signs. These are more formally standardized, as they relate to protection of life and limb.

The main types of safety warehouse signage in Mexico. Graphic by Serviap Logistics
Safety signage for warehouses and storage facilities in Mexico

The official state standards for warehouse safety give the precise details on how warehouse signage in Mexico should be coloured, shaped and displayed. However, minor variations according to circumstance are allowed as necessary. The most common types are as follows:

  • Warning: They are triangular and have a black pictogram on a yellow background. 
  • Prohibition: They have a circular shape on a white background crossed with a red stripe from left to right. 
  • Obligation: A circular sign with white pictograms on a blue background. 
  • Firefighting: Rectangular or square in shape, with white pictograms on a red background. They are placed in areas where firefighting equipment is kept. 
  • Salvage or rescue: These signs are rectangular or square and have a white pictogram indicating an action on a green background. 
  • Illuminated signs: As their name indicates, they give indications through light. 
  • Acoustic signals: Unlike luminous signals, these emit alarms that workers can hear. 

Serviap Logistics can help with signage for warehouses in Mexico 

At Serviap Logistics, we are experts in supplying and installing signage for warehouses and storage facilities in Mexico, Brazil, and the United States, territories where we offer our services according to the highest safety standards. 

In any of these three countries, we can help you with signage, labeling, floor marking with tape and epoxy, equipment assembly, and placement of anti-collision guards. We can also manage your projects, such as warehouse relocation or renovation. 

Thanks to the quality of our services and attention to detail, we count some of the biggest companies in the world among our trusted clients clients, representing diverse industries, such as automotive, e-commerce, and wholesale. 

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