3 great benefits of working with an industrial cleaning service provider

Warehouses get dirty quickly, so working with an industrial cleaning service provider can help maintain hygiene standards and boost operational efficiency.
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Daily activities in warehouses and distribution centers produce dust, dirt and grime, while spillages and other accidents are also an ongoing risk. Although regular in-house cleaning can help keep the space in order, maintaing the highest sanitary and safety standards requires periodically contracting an industrial cleaning service provider. 

A complete industrial cleaning service usually involves special machinery, tools, and chemicals to get rid of ground in contaminants and dirt. While this can be handled in-house, it is ideal to work with properly trained and experienced industrial cleaning professionals. 

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Contracting an industrial cleaning service provider guarantees that the facility will receive the deepest clean possible, which in turn can be critical for maintaining maximum efficiency in the facility and good morale among the people working in the space.

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What does an industrial cleaning service include? 

An industrial cleaning service will vary according to the industry and the characteristics of the warehouse. Still, it generally includes floor washing, roof and structure cleaning, machinery degreasing, decontamination of areas, and waste management. 

Floor washing consists of sweeping, picking up trash, and removing dirt and stains. Sweepers, vacuum cleaners, pressure washers, and chemical products are usually used for first class hygiene results. From crack sealing to coating, floor washing is indispensable as part of wider warehouse floor maintenance

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Industrial cleaning services: What, when and why to use them

Cleaning ceilings and structures prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt but also helps maintain any logistics business’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. This service should also include cleaning the lighting, piping, and other structural elements on top of the building. 

Interruption of activities in a warehouse due to a broken machine can mean delays in production and monetary losses. Therefore, all tools and equipment used to handle goods must be degreased and washed. 

As part of the industrial cleaning service, you can also request the decontamination of particular areas, especially after the spillage of dangerous chemicals or when storing food or medicines, such as in a cold storage warehouse

Following the cleaning of floors, structures, and machinery, responsible waste management is the final part of the process. This covers waste produced in the natural operation of the facility as well as waste produced as part of the cleaning process. 

When to hire an industrial cleaning service? 

These are the most common scenarios in which you should seek out a professional industrial cleaning service, some of the main ones being:  

After a warehouse setup: This service is usually ordered before opening a new warehouse since it is necessary to clean the facilities after placing machinery, barriers and shelving, all of which can produce mess. Cleaning after installation ensures the space is fit for use and operations can begin immediately and without interruptions. 

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Cleaning is always important in warehouses

After a warehouse refit: In case of a refit or other significant modifications to the warehouse, such as an expansion or the placement of new storage equipment, it is necessary to hire an industrial cleaning service due to the dust and dirt generated. This preventive action minimizes subsequent maintenance costs. 

After a major incident: While an in-house team will likely be able to deal with smaller incidents, a serious spill of a contaminant, flood, or fire will generally requires special cleaning by a team of professionals, in order to eliminate any risk presented to people operating in the space.  

As part of a sanitation regime: It’s easier to deal with problems before they get too big. Hence, an intelligent decision within the warehousing business is to periodically contract an industrial cleaning service provider. This decision ensures functionality, hygiene, and compliance with safety standards regularly, avoiding deterioration of the facilities and preventing larger problems.  

3 benefits of contracting an industrial cleaning service 

Logistics companies may have cleaning personnel to handle tasks such as sweeping, picking up debris, and maintaining order. However, for a deep clean that covers every corner of the warehouse or distribution center, hiring an industrial cleaning service is best. These are the main benefits: 

1)    Specialized tools and cleaning products 

The industrial cleaning service involves using different equipment and chemicals according to the level of dirt, the types of warehouses, and other specifications of the logistics business, such as space, structures, or storage equipment. A smart option is hiring experts with the appropriate cleaning equipment. 

For example, high-pressure washers are recommended for meticulous cleaning. These will help remove dirt from floors and walls, such as oil stains and grime. In addition, thanks to their pressure system, they can access hard-to-reach places while saving water. 

You can also opt for large surface sweepers to cover more square meters in less time, polishers to give the floor a shiny but slip-free finish, and professional vacuum cleaners to remove solids and liquids. 

2)    Keep the facilities in optimal conditions 

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Keeping things clear prevents problems from developing

Hiring an industrial cleaning service guarantees hygienic workspaces where employees’ health is not compromised. It also helps keep the facilities and equipment used daily in optimal conditions.  

If the establishments are clean and tidy, the useful life of the structures and machinery for handling goods is prolonged since the equipment is free of dirt and dust, which could affect its operation.  

In addition, clean workspaces generate confidence, give a professional image of the logistics business, and help employees perform their activities better, as they feel motivated and do not see their activities interrupted due to the lack of maintenance of the warehouse. 

3)    Compliance with regulations  

Each territory has strict specifications regarding the sanitation of workplaces, its regularity, and how waste must be managed, especially if hazardous materials are involved. For example, the industrial cleaning service in Mexico focuses on efficiency and compliance with the Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare standards.  

In Brazil, due to the diversity of industries, businesses must meet the requirements of the Secretariat of Labor Inspection. At the same time, in the United States, a world leader in industrial activities, cleaning companies must have Cleaning Industry Management Standard certifications. 

In addition, clean, litter-free workspaces minimize any health risks that could not only put personnel and facilities at risk but also result in possible fines for non-compliance with local workplace health and safety rules. 

Serviap Logistics offers industrial cleaning services 

At Serviap Logistics, we provide warehouse setup services in Brazil, Mexico, and the United States. On top of offering an industrial cleaning service, we supply and install signage, racking, floor marking and collision protectors. We also supply labels and offer project management to oversee a package of the abovementioned service.  

Our ability to hit deadlines without sacrificing quality or safety standards has seen us become the preferred partner for some of the biggest and best-known companies in the world, covering industries such as agriculture, automobile, e-commerce, and wholesale, among others.

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Serviap offers industrial cleaning among many other things

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