3 great warehouse design ideas to help improve operations 

Different warehouse design ideas offer their own advantages and drawbacks, and choosing the right one will depend on the scale and nature of your operations.
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Anyone looking to improve the organization and efficiency of their logistics business to help get ahead of the competition might find inspiration in the following warehouse design ideas

Improving warehouse layout design helps to facilitate the flow of goods from when they arrive at a facility, during their processing or use in production, all the way through to dispatch. Implementing better warehouse deisng ideas also helps improve security and maximize the use of space. 

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Warehouse design ideas each have advantages

How to best optimize a facility will depend on the dimensions of the space. That is why it is worth working with a professional when it comes to planning a warehouse or distribution center, because they will have experience of getting the most out of different types of spaces.

When reviewing the design of a warehouse and seeking ways to optimize the space, a warehouse setup consultant will not only consider the shape and size of the area, but also things such as the use and placement of the likes of signage, labeling, floor marking, racking, and collision barriers.

A consultant will also guarantee that all aspects of the operation are compliant with local regulations, such as those set out by OSHA in the United States. 

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Warehouse design ideas: common layouts 

Logistics businesses require meticulous planning to maximize storage space, streamline operations, and increase overall productivity, and good warehouse design is critical to achieving these objectives. 

Many warehouse design ideas have emerged from new needs within the industry. However, three patterns have become most common because they are simple and practical: U-shape, I-shape, and L-shape. Outside infrastructure, particularly road access, will play a part in which you should choose. 

U-shaped: the most popular warehouse design 

The most popular warehouse design in the logistics industry is the U-shape, in which the entry and exit of goods and merchandise are arranged side by side. All products circulate within the building following this u-shaped pattern, except for defective goods, which must be returned or destroyed. 

Achieving this layout requires loading and unloading docks on the same side of the building. This is usually easily available in most industrial parks. To maintain the flow, the likes of warehouse floor markings and signage are used to direct pedestrians and vehicles in a semicircular direction within the facility.  

Serviap Logistics graphic showing U-shaped warehouse for article on warehouse design ideas
U-shape warehouses are the most commonly used

I-shaped: best for big warehouses 

An I-shape storage layout is characterized by having the areas for receiving and shipping goods on different ends of the building. This is ideal for larger operations with a heavy flow of goods within the facility and a large volume of delivery/dispatch vehicles arriving and leaving.  

The simplicity of the design means that goods pass through in a steady, orderly, and uncomplicated manner, making this ideal for large warehouses and distribution centers, with large numbers of people and vehicles moving around, and multiple lines of production and processing. 

Serviap Logistics graphic showing I-shaped warehouse for article on warehouse design ideas
I-shaped warehouses are ideal for larger operations

L-shaped: ideal for smaller warehouses 

L-shaped warehouses have a loading and receiving areas located at one end of the L, while shipping and picking are at the other end.  This design helps optimize smaller and medium-sized spaces, in part by creating storage space in the elbow of the L shape, which places it at the midpoint of the producion process.

Among other warehouse design ideas, this particularly suits smaller operations because it helps maximise the use of the space, while creating a clear flow of work and traffic to maintain organization and safety.

Serviap Logistics graphic showing L-shaped warehouse for article on warehouse design ideas
L-shape warehouses help maximize use of smaller spaces

Other important warehouse design ideas  

As well as choosing the right distribution to suit the workflow of your operation, a number of other warehouse design ideas can be considered.

Static layout: A static layout involves racking being fixed in place and generally given a designated use, so that the location of goods is always known. While this can help maintain consistency in operations, it can lead to racks being underused, and is therefore best suited to a larger scale operation, or one with an abundance of space for the goods flowing through.

Dynamic design: A dynamic warehouse design involves racking and other infrastructure being movable and allows the space to be adapted according to needs. While this can offer more efficient use of the space, it does require a significant amount of coordination, because the warehouse layout shifts on a regular basis.

Multi-level warehouse design: For operations based in warehouses with high roofing, multi-level design can be a great way to make the most of the vertical space. This involves having the likes of double-height racking or mezzanines to accomodate large volumes of goods, with higher racking generally used for goods that remain stored for longer.

Serviap Logistics offers warehouse setup services

At Serviap Logistics, we can help you make your warehouse design ideas a reality, from planning the layout of your logistics business to equipment assembly. We also provide and install signage, floor marking, racking and collision barriers, as well as supplying labels.  

We work in Brazil, Mexico, and the United States, where we have built a reputation for being able to hit tight deadlines without sacrificing quality or safety, which has helped us become the trusted partner of some of the biggest and best-known companies in the world.

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