Professional installation of warehouse racking in Brazil: 6 benefits of hiring experts 

As with anywhere else in the world, warehouse racking in Brazil is best done by experts who know all about the best equipment and layout designs.
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Finding a reliable supplier and installer of warehouse racking in Brazil is essential for any company planning to set up the likes of a distribution center in the Brazilian market. 

This vital part of warehousing infrastructure is often the backbone of operations, so guaranteeing you have top-quality equipment and that your warehouse rack installation is done by seasoned professionals will ensure the smooth running and safety of the facility.

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Warehouse racking in Brazil: why it matters 

Racking, along with floor marking, signage, and collision protection, is a fundamental part of the management of any warehouse. Racks belong to a more complex system in which the proper layout and distribution of space are indispensable. Smart racking systems facilitate the flow of items to ensure that they can be found easily. 

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Forklift access must be considered when organizing warehouse racking in Brazil

And, like in any foreign country, you must be aware of country-specific regulations concerning many parts of a facility, including pallet racks. So proper warehouse racking in Brazil must always fit into legal norms overseen by the Secretariat of Labor Inspection and ANAMT for workers’ safety regulations. 

As it is a large country with diverse industries, making the right decisions in warehouse racking in Brazil is also a strategic move. The design must consider the space layout, the type of goods, and the access that will be needed for them. Remember that making mistakes when setting up warehouse racking can end up being expensive. 

Thus, you might find it more advantageous to hire experienced professionals who have an established experience with designing warehouse layouts and storage systems before making a definitive decision to buy or install a specific racking solution. Those who have previous experience of working with a warehouse in Brazil will have particularly valuable advice.

6 benefits of professional warehouse racking installation 

Skilled installers bring an experienced eye to bear on your warehouse racking requirements, viewing the racking system as a crucial element within a multifaceted setup. Below are key advantages of partnering with expert teams for warehouse racking in Brazil: 

Serviap Logistics graphic showing the 6 main benefits of hiring professionals to oversee warehouse racking in Brazil
Experts make warehouse racking Brazil much easier and more efficient

1) Prioritizing safety 

Anywhere you decide to locate your facility, safety should always be a top priority. So, when installing warehouse racking in Brazil, ensure that the installation team is well-trained and follows safety protocols rigorously, to minimize any risk within a storage business or distribution center. 

By hiring specialists, you can better protect personnel, products, and infrastructure. Following safety protocols is essential to identify and address any potential issues before they become safety hazards. In-country experts can also guide you in investing in features like security barriers for warehouses in Brazil to provide an extra layer of protection where necessary. 

Professional installers can oversee safety specifics related to racking that managers may not have considered before, such as checking electrical structures around the racks. They are likewise able to complete the installation without blocking emergency routes, keeping your warehouse always ready for issues concerning gas leaks, fires, or spills involving toxic products. 

2) Ensuring legal compliance 

To ensure compliance with local regulations in Brazil, warehouse managers have to pay careful attention to national rack parameters, including NR-11 (111.000-4), which is one of the most important documents for safety in material handling and warehousing. It defines fundamental protective measures to preserve the integrity of workers and infrastructure. 

So, before installing warehouse racking in Brazil, it is advisable to consult and collaborate with professionals who are used to guarantee legal compliance. The technical process of adapting your operations up to code can become overwhelming for managers without expert assistance as it includes blending many aspects of a facility together, including traffic, storage, warehouse labeling in Brazil, training, and equipment management. 

Ensuring legal adherence for warehouse racking in Brazil not only improves safety, but is also necessary for getting your work certifications. If inspecting institutions identify issues in your racking installations, you may be required to shut down operations until they are fixed. So, as Brazilian warehouses are periodically inspected by local organizations, installing racks correctly can avoid costly time out of action. 

3) Working with the correct equipment 

During warehouse racking installation, the quality of the equipment and the materials from which it is constructed should be considered. Professionals will also take into account materials or goods stored in your facility to analyze how many racks are needed, what kind, and their arrangement, to maximize the use of space.  

Racking installation needs specific equipment, ranging from forklifts for shelf lifting to scissor lifts, along with standard construction tools. These play a crucial role in ensuring the stability and resilience of the racks, allowing them to withstand any potential impact from forklifts. Properly anchoring the racks serves to reduce the risk of accidents stemming from shelf collapses and the  risk of stored products falling. 

Professionals know how the handle the right equipment, preventing from any damage during installation. Additionally, they can meet your needs according to the type of operations. Warehouse racking in Brazil, for instance, may require different material depending on the goods stored, that can range from standard warehousing, to hazard material handling, or even a cold storage warehouse.  

4) Enhancing cost-efficiency  

A professional can plan your warehouse racking in Brazil, choosing the right racks for your business while still staying on budget, and cutting off unnecessary installation costs. It’s a major investment for managers of facilities as it will cut unnecessary costs both at the start and during maintenance. 

Properly planned and placed racking systems can significantly improve the efficiency of the retrieval processes, which also saves money. During installation, experts can utilize technology to streamline operations and preview many ways to maximize processes, considering factors like aisle width, rack height, and the placement of racks in a warehouse. 

Experts can evaluate your facility’s characteristics and make the most of it. For example, taller buildings allow for higher storage racks. However, forklifts and other equipment may not be able to reach taller heights, which may create extra costs in having to buy new machinery. 

5) Accessing expert insight and advice

An expert can identify warehouse setup mistakes to avoid, that you may not have thought about. Professional installation of warehouse racking in Brazil might be the best option to optimize your warehouse racking layout and establish the most satisfactory arrangements. 

Following an efficient warehouse layout design can facilitate the production line. When you have a clear understanding of your racking system needs, you can find the most cost-effective solution. An installation team can bring their professional experience and give you important advice and insight. 

Some assistance that professionals can offer includes optimizing flexibility, assessing the product rotation, and using higher or lower-density racking systems. Other important factors include whether the goods are perishable or not, as well as whether you operate a last-in-first-out (LIFO) or first-in-first-out (FIFO) system and the sheer space available for the racking. 

6) Ongoing inspection services and follow up 

Warehouse racking inspection is a practice that reassures smooth operations for longer periods. Any minor problem that may arise in time can be better identified by professional inspectors and get fixed before they turn into more catastrophic issues. It is much easier and cheaper to replace damaged parts than having to buy whole new rack structures. 

Man with clipboard in storage facility to illustrate article on warehouse racking in Brazil
Warehouse racking in Brazil needs regular inspection for legal compliance

Racking inspection helps to make warehouses free of hazards and more enjoyable for people to work in. An organized facility, with equipment in good condition, can even boost morale and improve productivity. Remember that taking care of facilities is not only the responsibility of the owners or managers but also of all the staff who work there, which includes industrial warehouse cleaning in Brazil as well.

Once you have already worked with a professional team to install your racking structure, it becomes much easier to contact and have access to quality inspection services as many offer both services. If not, installation experts can refer you to good maintenance inspectors anytime in the future. 

Serviap Logistics can help you with warehouse racking in Brazil 

At Serviap Logistics, we supply and install warehouse racking in Brazil, Mexico, and the United States. We can also perform warehouse racking inspections to help with legal compliance in the long run. 

Additionally, we provide project management services to oversee a warehouse setup, refurbishment, or relocation, including any of the services mentioned above. Beyond racking services, we offer warehouse signage, floor marking, collision protection, and more. 

We are committed to service excellence, which is why we meet the highest safety standards wherever we work. Our satisfied clients include some of the biggest and best-known companies worldwide and come from diverse industries. 

Contact us to find out more about how we can help your warehouse. 

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